Gum disease can be troublesome, luckily Dr. Lachot, and amazing team of hygienist are skilled in their field! Your doctor or your hygienist complete what is called scaling and root planing a deep dental cleaning to get you on the track toward healthy gums.

Gum disease is caused by different factors, some include genetics to lack of routine visits.  The procedure removes the tartar build up beneath the gums, helping you to regain your health and return the tissue to its firm pink state. Tartar is in fact plaque that becomes hard over a period of time and is more difficult to remove, causing your tissue to be irritated and inflamed. Typically broken up in 2 visits SRP does usually require some anesthetic to ensure the patient is comfortable. Once completed the doctor or hygienist usually will place you on a 3-4 month cleaning routine called perio maintenance. The purpose of more frequent cleanings and why they are called perio maintenance , is to stay on top of your gum disease and keep your mouth continuously healthy.

Risks of gum disease are wide ranged. Gum disease has been linked to heart disease, risks with diabetes, stroke and some studies have even shown it can possibly cause pre-mature birth during pregnancy. Your oral health plays a large role in your total health. Do not wait, let us assist you in getting your oral health to its ideal state.


Be on your way to a healthier mouth! If you have been told, or you suspect you need scaling and root planing, contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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