Crowns In Scottsdale

Elevation Dental Group is happy to offer our patients no more temporaries. With cad-cam digital technology we have the ability to make your crown in our office during your visit!


NO MORE temporaries!

NO MORE Gooey impressions!

NO MORE 2 separate visits to our office!

Many patients have had a crown at some point in their life. However, for some of us who may have not had the chance to yet experience this.. what is a crown? A crown is a dental restoration created to protect our teeth, often needed when there is not enough of our own tooth structure left. Dental Crowns are placed on top of your dentin and the remaining tooth structure and in many ways takes place of the enamel of a tooth. This appears visually the same as your own teeth, giving you the strength and protection; to help prevent decay, fractures and potential infection.

At our office we know we are one of a kind. Our CEREC cad-cam machine is definitely a large reason we set ourselves apart from the rest.

What is your crown made out of? The material of your crown plays a huge role in the resistance of fracture. Our office uses only the strongest material offered called EMAX. Emax material starts out in a purple soft state as its created in our milling unit machine and designed just for you. Once your emax crown is milled it remains in its purple soft state as its glazed with a clear coat to give the appearance of a natural tooth. We then place your cerec EMAX crown in an oven created just for cerec and baked for 25 minutes or so, once baked your cerec crown appears stunningly, tooth colored and now in its hardest material form.

The benefits of a same visit crown is NUMEROUS and exciting for you as a patient. Our team understands your time is valuable and we know your days are busy. Let us give you the BEST dentistry possible in your time frame without having to come back for another visit. Discomfort is something our office minimizes for our patients by providing everything needed to enjoy and relax. Same day crowns minimize this by allowing us to only get our patients numb once and not re agitating the location worked on for a second time, easing the gum tissue and easing your mind.


For more information on the Cad-Cam CEREC machine please see our CEREC Page.

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