Occlusal Adjustment In Scottsdale

Your bite plays such a large role in the longevity of your teeth. Your ideal bite distributes the force in equal components, therefore allowing you to fully engage your muscles and bite properly.


If your occlusion is off it can cause multiple issues and concerns for your teeth. These issues can range from root canals on multiple teeth to cracked tooth syndrome which can potentially cause you to lose your teeth.

With the technology T-Scan we are able to pin point where your occlusion is and what force you are placing on what teeth. The technology is so advanced it can even give us an idea on how your TM joint is coming together.

Symptoms of your occlusion not being ideal can be but are not limited to, pain in your neck, jaw, headaches, random toothaches, cold sensitivity, several root canals, and cracked teeth among others.

Think your occlusion may be off? Don’t wait for a problem to occur contact us today to schedule your appointment 480-515-1000.

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