Dental Service In Your Pregnancy

Your oral health is vital during pregnancy and our office is delighted to accommodate all the needs you may have during your dental visits.

Checking teeth

Ideally you want to have all dental restorative, dental cosmetic and gum disease taken care of prior to becoming pregnant. However, many times this is hard to predict and not always the case. Dr. Bruce Lachot, a dad himself, know the importance taking your care, needs, and safety to the highest level.

Gum disease and infections have been linked to pre-mature birth therefore it is highly recommended to keep your oral health at its best. Cleanings and Exams are safe, with some restrictions and recommended to maintain your health. All restrictions and further instructions for dental visits should come from your Obstetrician, this is to protect you and your little one on the way.

Dental Emergencies do happen and our office is happy to serve you should this occur. Your Obsetrician will give instructions on what they recommend in these unique emergency situations. Dr. Lachot and team will ensure all areas are met prior to treating you. We are pleased to say we have served many of our patients during their pregnancy, leaving you to continue on with your day happy and smiling.

We are here for you to answer any further questions you may have. We are honored to serve you during this special time and we are excited to meet your little one in the near future!

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