Scottsdale CEREC Digital Impression

Our office is pleased to say we offer a device so spectacular it has captured the attention of everyone. Say goodbye to impressions!
The Omnicam is the latest technology, capable of taking live video and photos of your mouth. How the device works is very simple, with a camera that is attached to the Omni computer the user moves in slow motion gliding over the teeth. The device then picks up this video and immediately has the exact makeup of your mouth and its anatomy. If needed depending on your treatment these records are sent to the lab technicians and they have everything required to proceed!

This technology has almost completely replaced all impressions, and is changing the way dentistry is done. With removing the step of impressions the possibility for error is close to none and can also save you time with appointments. Patients are thrilled, they no longer hesitate with moving forward on their needed treatment, as impressions can be troublesome. Don’t put your appointment off any longer call today and schedule!

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