Scottsdale Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety or phobia, is something we take very seriously and continuously work on aiding our patience with a better experience. Our office is happy to say we have helped thousand of patients cope with their anxiety or phobia while coming to our office.

Dental Anxiety

Some people experience such a bad phobia in which causes them to lose sleep the night prior to their appointment, crying constantly or shaking during their visit, some simply avoid coming even all together. These patients feel a visit to the dentist would simply be the worst thing to occur.

Luckily we have the best team around and we specialize in understanding, love, support, and encouragement for our patients. Our dental team take pride in the relationships we develop and maintain with our patients. In fact, we don’t consider our patients as anything less than family and treat them as such.

Aside from our awesome team we have a few different ways to help keep your visit as stress free as possible. Our goal is to keep our patients happy and comfortable.

We offer Nitrous Oxide for those who need a little help with relaxation and laughter at their visit. Nitrous-oxide is a sedative used to help ease your anxiety or phobia during your visit. A small nose piece is placed over your nose and a combination of nitrous is used with oxygen, you then breathe in your nose and out your mouth and slowly feel the relaxation take over. This does not put you to sleep and some patients do become dizzy or nauseous from having this during their visit. However, most patients feel calm and comfortable from the nitrous during their visit. The effects stop as soon as the mask is taken off. Many of our patients enjoy having this in conjunction with their visit. They feel as though their anxiety is almost completely gone and are very please with their visit.

Sometimes patients simply need an aid with their anxiety in a form of medication used for just anxiety. This can help our  patients relax and become more comfortable with their visit and feel more relaxed during. The medication is typically approved by your doctor and of course in conjunction with Dr. Lachot.

Our office cares about you and you are our priority, We look forward to assisting you in an enjoyable experience.

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