Scottsdale Dentures

Maybe you currently have a denture you are displeased with or perhaps you are just starting to learn about the benefits of dentures. Regardless of your path, our office is happy to help.

Dentures have many aspects to them and several dynamics involved. We understand our patients are placing their trust in us and how truly important and valuable this is. The process of creating a denture is nothing close to minor. You have a vision and we intend to make this vision come to life. We start with a consult, hearing you and understanding what you are saying. We dive in deep and really get an understanding for how you see yourself. Next step, taking impressions, a great fitting denture requires an accurate model of your mouth.


The following few visits are not the most exciting, more steps for the lab to ensure you get the best fit and function. Finally comes the esthetic try in,  the denture is made of wax and only used for esthetic reasons. The purpose of this step is simply for you to see what the final result will look like before going to the FINAL phase. We encourage our patients to critique away, do not rush this part, this is your time to fall in love with the look of your new Denture. Shade, style, shape, length if there is something you do not like, NOT TO WORRY this is the step we are able to FIX it and make sure the Denture will be everything you wanted and more.

After you are pleased with the everything, the lab processes and creates your denture, this can take up to a couple weeks. The day you get your denture can be an emotional one, a lot of our patients tear up as they see their smile and vision come to life. Our office makes sure the fit and bite all come together just right for you, then you are finished and ready to enjoy your new smile. Keep in mind, we may need to see you a time or two after just to fine tune the fit and make any needed adjustments. The breathtaking results and that smile on our patients face is one of a kind and our office takes pride in knowing the happiness that will come for our patients with their new confident smile. Contact us today to schedule your consult at 480-515-1000.

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