Scottsdale Root Canal Treatment & Procedure

Dr. Bruce J. Lachot is happy to provide endodontic treatment for their patients. We understand at our office trust is key and something special that is developed with our patients. Being referred to another specialty dentist can be traumatic and we want our patients comfortable and happy. Dr. Bruce Lachot has made it his priority to stay abreast with the latest research and training to ensure you get the best dentistry and care possible.

Root canal treatment

A root canal is a painless and stress free procedure for our patients. It requires only local anesthetic and can be done immediately without waiting weeks to see a specialist. The procedure starts with anesthetic and the placement of what is called a rubber dental dam to ensure the tooth remains sterile and to prevent contamination. The Doctor then cleans out the tooth removing any decay or bad tooth structure, clearing the way toward the nerve canal. Once cleaned out the doctor begins to clean out the nerve canals sterilizing and getting rid of the infection that lines in the tooth. After the infection is removed to the tip of the root we then proceed to fill the nerve canal with what is called gutta percha, sealing your tooth back to its healthy happy self.

A root canal is followed up with a crown and build up,  the importance of this is HIGH. A root canal is needed due to infection, weakening the tooth, you then remove the internal structure also weakening the tooth. A crown and build up helps to ensure your tooth remains healthy and helps to protect your tooth from a crack or a fracture. We also have the technology for our patients to create same day crowns with our cad-cam cerec machine. Our goal and view is to keep your visit at our office as comfortable, simple and stress free as possible.

Do you need a root canal? This is a tough question to answer because our teeth don’t always tell us what they need. Root Canal symptoms typically give you hot AND cold sensitivity,  constant severe pain to sometimes only a dull ache. You may experience a bump that looks like a pimple above your tooth that contains puss and infection. Sometimes though you experience no pain whatsoever and the abscess or infection is discovered on an x-ray that gives a view of your roots.

Infections and abscesses are something that should be taken care of immediately. If untreated the potential complications can be severe, Loss of the tooth, Blood infection, Spread of infection to soft tissue, Spread of infection to the jaw bone, Spread of infection to other areas of the body resulting in brain abscess, endocarditis , pneumonia and sometimes other complications.

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