Oral Cancer Screening In Scottsdale

At Elevation Dental Group, your health is our top priority. At EVERY EXAM an Oral Cancer screening is completed, early diagnosis is key. When detected early the survival rate for Oral Cancer is nearly 80%-90% however, when detected in it’s later stages the survival rate is 43%, a drastic difference. Everyday in the U.S. alone 115 people are diagnosed, a scary number that drives our office to stress the importance to be aware.

The Oral Cancer Screening is completed by checking the mouth, cheeks, tongue/borders of the tongue, lips, face, neck and lymph nodes to look for any possible signs of Oral Cancer. If the doctors suspect or feel there is any warrant reason of concern, you will be sent to an oral surgeon for further examination and possible biopsy. The purpose of a biopsy is not to scare you, it is to give you the best possible care.

Self Oral Cancer Screenings should be completed on a regular basis. It is a good idea to become familiar with the structures in your mouth so that you may be able to identify any areas that do not seem normal. Some symptoms to watch out for include but are not limited to, a sore that doesn’t heal, lump or thickening of the skin or lining of your mouth, a white or reddish patch on the inside of your mouth and sometimes there are no symptoms involved with Oral Cancer.

Remember early detection is key, to have an Oral Cancer Screening completed today, contact Dr. Bruce Lachot today.

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