Early Orthodontics In Scottsdale

Orthodontics are very important for overall oral health and appearance. If a bite is misaligned it can cause serious


health issues and be very painful. There are some cases where performing early orthodontic procedures can assist with adult teeth coming in properly and avoid or minimize the need for orthodontic appliances when all adult teeth are in place. Some of the common early orthodontic appliances are:

Palate expanders are used to spread the palate to make room for adult teeth to come in or to fix cross bites.

Lip Bumpers are used to expand the lower arch of the jaw to allow for more space for the permanent teeth to errupt.

Every orthodontic case is unique and an individual’s needs will be assessed in a conservative manner at our office. Dr. Lachot has had over 30 years experience in orthodontics and has had a 100% successful case rate. Contact us to schedule your appointment today to find out if early orthodontics can help you.

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