Scottsdale Gum Contouring

Patients who have uneven gums or gums that extend to mask a significant portion of their teeth are excellent candidates for gum contouring. You can have a healthy mouth with aligned teeth however, the tissue can give an appearance that many people are unhappy with, usually referred to as a “gummy smile”.

Gum Contouring

A number of factors can cause your gums to be too low or too high. Gums that cover a large portion of your teeth can make your teeth look small. This may be the result of genetics, your occlusion, a particular health problem, or even taking certain prescription drugs. Dr. Lachot utilize the latest laser technology to reshape the gum line to lengthen the teeth, reduce the amount of gum that shows when you smile, and produce a more symmetrical gum line. The procedure is minimally invasive with a rapid recovery time without interfering in daily activities.

Gum contouring alone is considered a cosmetic procedure. Most of the time it is not medically necessary, but most people undergo the procedure to improve the appearance of their smile. However, some people go through gum contouring as part of other necessary periodontal procedures, such as crown lengthening, pocket reduction and regenerative procedures.

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