Scottsdale Propel

The faster way to a straight smile!

What if you could get that straight smile you have always wanted in HALF the time? With propel, one of the latest advancements in orthodontics YOU CAN.

Propel is an alveocentesis technique, the only micro-invasive option to decrease the amount of time in orthodontics. The propel device is designed to perforate and puncture the tooth ligament and accelerate alveolar bone remodeling, therefore reducing the amount of time spent in orthodontics.

Propel is controlled and predictable, completed in just minutes at your dental visit. Nearly painless, most patients require no anesthetic to only topical numbing gel. Patients are able to return back to their normal activities immediately after the procedure is completed and typically experience no complications. With speeding up the process of tooth movement and perforating the tooth ligament, propel causes no bone loss as it is only targeting specific areas.

Exciting and changing the way orthodontics is completed, this technology is one of a kind and cutting edge. We are thrilled to offer our patients the opportunity here at the office of Dr. Bruce Lachot and Dr. Kent Loo.


Schedule your appointment today, and in no time at all be on your way to an aligned stunning smile!

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