Scottsdale Invisalign

Straighten your teeth without metal braces today!

Unhappy with your not so straight smile? Let our Team change that with Invisalign®! Invisalign® is the clear form of braces, no more painful embarrassing metal, change your smile with virtually invisible trays. The entire Invisalign® process is fairly quick and painless! Dr. Lachot and Dr. Loo provide the latest advances associated with Invisalign® to give our patients the smile they deserve.

Now reduce your time in aligners by up to 50% with 2 new options, Propel and AcceleDent.

Propel works by perforating and puncturing the tooth ligament to allow for faster bone remodeling. Propel takes only minutes to complete and is nearly painless.

AcceleDent is a daily use appliance that is worn for 20 minutes. The appliance sends gentle vibrations through the teeth and bone speeding up the process of bone remodeling.

To begin your Invisalign® treatment we start with impressions, photos and then an exam. After your records are sent off  and received back from Invisalign® your transformation begins. Clear trays custom made for your teeth are worn for 2 weeks at a time before moving into the next set of trays and advancing your treatment. Visits to our office vary from every 6-8 weeks pending your case requirements and typically are short, causing little interruptions to your daily life.

The benefits to a straight smile are numerous…

Crooked teeth are more difficult to clean and can harbor bacteria putting you at risk for gum disease, decay and periodontitis.

Teeth that are not aligned typically result in occlusion misalignment also. When your occlusion is off you are at risk for root canals and possible cracked teeth, reducing the longevity of your smile and increasing the potential need for implants or dentures.

Higher self-esteem, the benefits in itself is astronomical.

Studies show a nice smile increases your opportunity for jobs, improves relationships, can potentially raise your income.

There is no limit to the amount of benefits that come from a straight, beautiful smile.

Schedule your Invisalign® consult today, and be on your way to your dream smile.