We understand the degree of discomfort and anxiety dental pain can cause – which is why we have all the solutions under one roof to relieve you of your pain. With the latest in dental surgery, we aim to provide our patients with top quality treatments and long lasting results. Our top immediate treatments for patient who present with severe pain include:

  • Root Canal Therapy: Root Canals are like deep fillings especially aimed at restoring teeth that have sustained extensive damage due to caries or bacterial infection. Once an infection reaches the pulp portion of the tooth, it cannot be restored with a simple filling and in such cases, Root Canals are indicated. During a Root Canal Therapy, the infected pulp of the tooth is removed and filled with a material known as Gutta Percha. The tooth is then fitted with a crown to restore strength, stability, functionality and aesthetics.
  • Bone Grafting & Extraction: In cases of extensive damage that results in extensive loss of tooth structure, not even Root Canals can restore the tooth, and thus Dental Extractions are advised. During an extraction procedure, the damaged tooth is removed from the socket using specialized instruments such as forceps and elevators. Extractions are also performed to remove impacted teeth from the jaws, such as the third molars or wisdom teeth. These extractions may either be simple or surgical depending upon the case and extent of infection.
    One the tooth has been successfully extracted, treatment planning is done to replace the missing tooth. In cases of inadequate supporting structures in the jaw, bone material is grafted to stabilize an implant and to effectively replace the functionality of the extracted tooth.
  • Drainage of Abscess: Severe dental infections are characterized by abscess formation, or accumulation of pus which can cause a significant degree of pain and discomfort. In order to treat the infection and to save the tooth, this abscess must be drained. A combination of dental procedures (such as Root Canals and direct pus drainage) and antibiotic therapies are used to effectively reduce swelling and infections caused by abscess formation.

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