Tooth loss is at times, inevitable. People tend to lose their teeth due to trauma, severe periodontal infection and bacterial decay. However, dentistry today offers many different options in missing tooth replacement based on the needs and budget of the patients. Our team is skilled at helping patients smile confidently by restoring 100% dental aesthetics and functionality. Using only the finest, most superior quality materials, we fabricate outstanding tooth replacement options that will enable you to chew, bite, speak and smile normally without any inconvenience. Our top tooth replacement procedures include:

  • Dental Implants: Implants are considered to be the best replacements of missing teeth in the upper or lower arches. Unlike other tooth replacement options, implants offer excellent strength and stability as they are surgically fitted into the jaw bone – in this way, they do not only replace the crown portion of the tooth, but also the root. They also offer the advantage of strengthening surrounding bone and preventing resorption. Lachot Smiles trusts the leading names in dental implant industry, guaranteeing 100% success of the surgery and complete restoration of function, as well as aesthetics.
  • Dental Bridges: Dental bridges are ideal for replacing a single tooth, or multiple teeth in an arch. In order to replace the missing tooth, or teeth, a bridge requires the support of natural teeth adjacent to the empty socket. For this reason, the adjacent natural teeth need to be trimmed down slightly to ensure ideal bonding, positioning and retention of the bridge in the mouth. Unlike dental implants, bridges only replace the crown portion of the missing teeth and do not play any role in preserving underling bone. Bridges can be fabricated using metal, porcelain, or porcelain fused to metal.
  • Complete & Partial Dentures: Complete and partial dentures have been an integral part of prosthodontics for years. These prostheses effectively replace numerous missing teeth allowing patients to speak, smile and chew normally. All dentures fabricated at the Lachot Smiles laboratories offer excellent retention, minimal deviation or shifting, better occlusion and bite, and a natural-looking smile. Our team prepares a comprehensive case based on patient history and functional requirements to decide which type of denture is best suited for their needs. We fabricate conventional removable complete and partial dentures, as well as customized or implant retained dentures based on individual case requirements.
  • Conventional Acrylic Dentures: Conventional Acrylic dentures are 100% biocompatible, nontoxic and non irritant to the soft tissues of the oral cavity. Advantages of opting for acrylic complete or partial dentures include easy usage, easy maintenance and cleaning, comfort, restoration of dental functionality, and good aesthetics.
  • Implant Retained Dentures: In certain cases whereby bone ridge is flat or the height is inadequate to ensure proper seating and retention of the denture, the prosthesis is fitted on to the arches with the help of multiple implants. These implants hold the denture in place, preventing it from shifting or deviating from normal bite position. The greatest advantage of implant retained denture is excellent stability and retention which most conventional dentures cannot offer, even with adhesives. At Lachot Smiles, we use specialize Mini Dental Implants (also called MDIs) to retain custom fabricate dentures on the upper and lower arches.

If you have missing teeth in your oral cavity, and wish to learn about the different ways in which you can have them replaced – book an appointment at Lachot Smiles today and we’ll help you select the tooth replacement procedure that is best for you!