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Gum Disease Treatment In Scottsdale


Gum disease is the leading cause of dental health issues in adults. Gum disease can also affect overall health by Gum Diseasecontributing to infections, heart disease and even an increased risk of stroke. Due to these risks it is very important to properly maintain your gum health. If gum disease should develop there are many treatments you dentist can employ to correct the issues and bring your oral health to where it should be. A few of these treatments that we use at our office are.

  1. Scaling and root planing is used to clean below the gumline.
  2. Full mouth debridement is an overall deep cleaning of the teeth and gums.
  3. Bleeding gum repair can be performed to remove infected gum tissue.
  4. Laser gum treatment is used to perform a variety of gum surgeries

Contact our office today to inquire about the many treatment options we have available to treat gum disease.