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Gum Recession

Scottsdale Gum recession can be a serious issue for a person’s oral health. It is the process where the gum tissue pulls Scottsdale Gum Recessionback or wears away from the tooth exposing the tooth and the tooth root. Receding gums cause pockets to form that bacteria build up in. If the bacteria is allowed to flourish it can cause damage to the surrounding tissue and bone leading to tooth loss.

Gum recession usually occurs slowly and some of the first symptoms are:

  1. Tooth sensitivity due to parts of the tooth not covered in enamel getting exposed.
  2. Notches can be felt at the base of the tooth
  3. Teeth will begin to appear longer.

More can be found on the causes of gum recession here.

Preventing gum recession is an important part of oral hygiene practices. Our office recommends patients take these steps found here to help prevent gum recession.

If a patient should find they have a gum recession problem, our office has the latest treatment technologies to ensure the best solution for their individual needs. Contact our office today to learn more about treating receding gums.